Portrait fees begin at $5,000.

All figures are life size or just under life size. The portraits are done on the finest Belgian linen canvas.

A deposit of 30% of the price is accepted when the portrait is commissioned and the balance is due upon completion. Prices will be in accordance with the price schedule current at the time of commissioning.

The approximate date of delivery of the finished portrait will be agreed upon and become a provision of the commission agreement.
Price For inclusion of pets and/or intricate background elements will be quoted upon request.

For additional subjects on the same canvas, the price is ½ That of the single figure.

Travel expenses and lodging will be billed at the artist's cost.
Georgia residents must add 7% sales tax to the commission price.

Planning Session

At a planning meeting with the client and / or subject, details regarding the portrait are discussed. Decisions such as the spirit (or type) of portrait, the size of the canvas, clothing to be worn, etc. are made. If possible this meeting takes place in the client's home or office or in the artist's studio. In certain cases this can be done by phone prior to the first sitting. By talking with the subject the artist is able to form impressions and formulate ideas, and along with the client, decide how best to portray the subject.


Sittings take place at the artist's studio, or the artist can travel to the subject's location. A sitting is required for working out the pose, and to get photographic reference material. Then the artist does a color head sketch in oils in order to accurately determine the subjects coloring. If there are several possibilities for poses in the photographs, the artist selects from the photos the poses she feels would make the best portrait, and then the client chooses the pose from these. At the studio the artist does a small color study of the portrait for composition, color, and design elements and shows this to the client for approval.

Two or three sittings from life are preferable if the subject is available to come to the artist's studio. If not, the artist completes the portrait in the studio from the studies and photographic reverence material. (As is the case for small children.)

Viewing and Delivery of the Portrait

When the portrait is completed the client/subject comes to the studio for viewing of the painting and a final sitting; or, a color photograph of the finished work can be sent for the client's approval. Arrangements are then made for the delivery of the finished portrait.


It is preferable for the portrait to be viewed, at the final sitting, in the frame in which it will hang. Therefore, at the first sitting moulding samples are available for the client to choose from, or the artist can work with a framer of the client's choice. The frame is then ready when the portrait is finished. The price of the frame and the shipping is in addition to the price of the portrait.

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